Mapping Your Relationships Digital Course

Mapping Your Relationships Digital Course


This four-part digital course will guide you through deep, profound experiences that will help you to better understand the patterns of your relationships, your needs and desires, and help you create a concrete plan for intentionally creating and curating relationships in the year ahead that will serve your goals, growth, and the best parts of you. Each module contains videos, downloadable tools, and lots of reflection activities to help you explore each topic deeply, and at your own pace.

  • Module One | Defining Your Relationships:

    •  Explore the various relationships in your life and better understand how the balance - or imbalance - of types of relationships in your life impacts your well-being

    • Gain clarity around your positive and negative patterns, so you can be mindful of them in the year ahead and use them to create and curate relationships that serve your highest good.

  • Module Two | Narratives Around Your Relationships:

    • Learn your relationship stories around friendship, family, and love

    • Understand what power these hold for/over you - and decide what you want to do about them!

    • Gain clarity around your beliefs regarding your role with, and worth for others - and how these beliefs impact your choices and habits in relationships

  • Module Three | Working Within Your Current Relationships

    • Get clear about how you will intentionally nurture relationships you value this year.

    • Create clear commitments and steps for how you will shift the ways you will show up in relationships that no longer serve you.

  • Module Four | Planning for Relationships

    • Create clear, concrete plans around the people and relationships you will cultivate in the new year.


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