Mama's Monthly Focus

Mama's Monthly Focus


This digital product accompanies our Motherhood Deck. Don’t have one yet? Make sure to snag one before checking out!


Motherhood - all the things, all at once! As moms we can find ourselves creating, remembering, planning, and managing details for so many different people and things - from our kids to our partners, projects at work, extended family obligations, social calendars for ourselves and everyone in our household... it's a lot, mama! And we can get so stuck in the daily flutter of activity that we slip into reactive mode, constantly dealing with what is right in front of us, and never having the time or bandwidth to zoom out, figure out what we actually want to focus on, and regularly check in with ourselves to see how things are going and adjust along the way.

If this sounds like you, we're here to help! Come get your Mama's Monthly Focus.

This digital download is more than a goal planner or a journal - at the start of the month, you'll be led through activities to help you figure out what you want to prioritize for the next few weeks, and how you intend on doing so.

Each week, you'll be guided through simple yet profound reflection activities that get you using your Motherhood Deck in creative and powerful ways, and give you opportunities to be self-reflective, learn about your strengths and struggles, troubleshoot issues as they (inevitably) come up before they stop you in your path, plan for ways to receive the support you need, and learn new habits around taking care of your needs, your priorities, and your family.

Your Mama's Monthly Focus Bundle includes:

  • A 37 page digital download journal (which you can use month after month)

If you are giving this as a gift, please include recipient’s shipping address and your gift message at checkout so they can receive their Motherhood Deck. After purchase you will receive a link to download the digital journal.

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