Love Notes for a Complicated Mother's Day

Love Notes for a Complicated Mother's Day


This digital product accompanies our Loss Deck. Don’t have one yet? Make sure to snag one before checking out!


Many of us have complex feelings around Mother’s Day. Whether your mom is no longer here, your relationship is complicated, or you have other challenging associations around motherhood for a variety of reasons, this day can range from bittersweet to straight up rough. This Mother’s Day we’re proud to share this innovative product to help make the month of May a little gentler, sweeter, and more meaningful.

Your Love Notes Kit includes:

  • Weekly reflection to help you focus, process, and heal throughout the month of May

  • Four Beautiful prints that accompany each weekly reflection topic, downloadable at Poster size (40x60cm), 8.5x11 in, or 5x7 in

  • Guided activities to do with your Loss Deck to help you dig deeper into the week’s topic

If you would like a Loss Deck to be shipped to your recipient, please make sure to purchase one before checking out - this product is only the digital Love Notes that accompanies the deck. If this is a gift, please include recipient’s shipping address and your gift message at checkout so they can receive their Loss Deck. After purchase you will receive instructions for subscribing them to their digital products.

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