Group Kit | 6 Decks

Group Kit | 6 Decks


Your Group Kit gives you everything you need to run your own Girls Gone Happy Group with confidence, clarity, and ease.

Your Group Kit includes the following digital downloads ($100 value):

  • Sample Agenda for a 2 hour workshop

  • 24 Sample Activities for Individual, Small Group, & Full Group experiences

  • Tools for building your group, choosing a focus, and inviting members

  • Sample 12 month calendars for each Card Deck (so you can run a monthly group easily!)

  • Guides for facilitating deep discussions and feeling secure in your role as group leader

  • Printable GGH notepaper for your group members to use

  • An 18x24 poster for your group to showcase your collective values and guidelines

As part of this package, you will also receive six Girls Gone Happy Card Decks ($150 value).

Upon purchase, you will receive a digital download that has links to all your Group Kit documents. At checkout you will be asked to tell us how many of which Card Decks you would like, and you will provide your shipping address.

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