Beyond the Resolution | Creating an Intentional 2019

Beyond the Resolution | Creating an Intentional 2019


This 30 minute Masterclass will help you gear up for your best year yet in 2019! New Years is a powerful time to set intentions for the months ahead, but Resolutions can often leave us feeling like we have yet another to-do list hanging over our heads. We need something simple that inspires, motivates, and supports us, and which we can genuinely return to throughout the year.

This 30 minute experience will lead you through guided reflections, writing, and planning that will help you to powerfully reflect on your 2018, and create simple, clear commitments for 2019 that are actionable and meaningful.

After purchase, you will be sent a link to login to the live class on December 27th at 12:00pm. All course participants will be given the materials as a downloadable file at the end of the Masterclass.

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