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Motherhood Deck

Motherhood is wonderful, and hard! We can often feel we've lost ourselves, and wonder if we're even doing a good job. The Motherhood Deck gives you the love of a good friend - it helps you see your unique gifts as a parent, and recenter the things that actually matter to you the most. The wide-ranging Questions and Topics cover the many different things you juggle daily, while also taking the wholeness of your personhood into account. Other "mom-focused" products are about the children - this is all about you. The open-ended language in these cards creates entry points for folks all along the parenting spectrum, as well as those engaging in healing work around mothering.

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It's Perfect For...

  • Baby Shower Gift
  • Second Baby Arrival
  • Postpartum Support
  • Prenatal/Child Preparation Groups
  • Creating Inner Peace and Confidence around your Parenting Style and Choices
  • Doulas
  • Parenting Groups
  • Conversation Starters
  • Journaling Ideas

You Need It If...

  • You're on the roller coaster of joy, grief, pride, boredom, anxiety, hope (we could go on) that comes with parenting.
  • You want a beautiful, thoughtful gift for a friend.
  • You are feeling not-enough, and need an honest reminder of the unique gifts and strengths you bring to your parenting.
  • You need help naming your own needs and desires, and figuring out a plan for fulfilling them.

What's Inside?

  • 30 Question Cards
  • 23 Topic Cards
  • 1 Guide Booklet
  • All Cards are Hand-designed with Original Artwork

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