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Motherhood Deck

The Motherhood Deck teaches you to see your unique gifts as a parent and reconnect with your priorities. The soulful Questions and wide-ranging Topics cover the million different things we parents juggle daily, while also taking the wholeness of your personhood into account. Other "mom-focused" products are about the children - this is about you. The open-ended language in these cards creates entry points for folks all along the parenting spectrum, as well as those engaging in healing work around mothering.

  • You're on the roller coaster of joy, grief, pride, boredom, anxiety, hope (we could go on) that comes with parenting. You want a beautiful, thoughtful gift for a friend. You are feeling not-enough, and need an honest reminder of the unique gifts and strengths you bring to your parenting. You need help naming your own needs and desires, and figuring out a plan for fulfilling them.

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