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Money Talks Partner Guide

Talking about money with your partner is one of the most important (and let's be honest, dreaded) conversations couples have. There can be awkwardness, defensiveness, and each person is bringing their own baggage around finances to the table. Let's flip the script and make money talks approachable, and even enjoyable! This guide will lead you gently through increasingly deep conversations about your hopes, your pasts, your feelings, and your needs around money. You will then be led through some actionable planning and goal setting around money together. Come out of these conversations with a deeper understanding of your partner and yourself, have a clear fresh plan for approaching your finances together, and be on the same team.
  • You're moving in with a partner and blending finances. You are engaged and having financial conversations as you plan for marriage. You have been together for awhile but struggle to talk about money without getting stuck. You want to embark on a debt-free journey together. You are planning for a child and need/want to have financial conversations as part of your planning.

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