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Mama's Monthly Focus | Digital Journal

As parents, we remember, plan, and manage so many details. From our kids to our partners, projects at work, extended family obligations, social calendars... it's a lot! We get swept up in the daily flutter of activity and slip into reactive mode, dealing with what's right in front of us, never having the time or bandwidth to zoom out, figure out what we actually want to focus on, and regularly check in with ourselves to see how things are going and adjust along the way.

Are you nodding along, raising your hand? Mama's Monthly Focus Journal is here to help! 

  • Start each month setting realistic priorities that truly matter to you, and create a plan for centering them. You can reuse Mama's Monthly Focus each month to stay focused on the things you most care about, and be less overwhelmed.

    Each week, be guided through easy and powerful reflection activities with your Motherhood Deck. You'll learn deeply about the unique strengths you bring to parenting and how to build off of them. You'll identify your current struggles, and create simple actionable plans to deal with them. You'll feel more clear-headed in your parenting, while also discovering deep new insights about yourself along the way. 

This digital product accompanies our Motherhood Deck. Don’t have one yet? Make sure to snag one before checking out!

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