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Love Notes for Letting Go

One of the hardest things about going through a loss is that the need for healing and support goes on long past the flurry of activity that happens after the moment of impact. Whether you are grieving, experiencing the end of a relationship, or letting go of a dream or plan that mattered deeply to you - you need and deserve support and care long after the flowers and notes have been sent, and others have gone back to their regular lives.

  • You are processing your grief privately, yet still need guidance and nurturing. Some time has passed since your loss occurred, but you still need support and care. You are looking for the perfect gift to give someone you know who's experiencing a Big Goodbye, and you want to show you're still thinking of them. You want to add a new resource to your self-care toolkit. 

*This is a digital product; upon purchase you will receive a PDF with links to all of the materials. This product does not include our Card Decks. We suggest using the Loss Deck with Love Notes, but the materials can be used with any of our four Card Decks.

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