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Victoria Ellyse | Girls Gone Happy Brand Ambassador


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What fills your days?
Right now my days are filled by working in higher education and also coaching for swimming. But I think more broadly my days are filled by people who I feel connected to and activities that bring me joy. Whether that's my work or an evening with chinese food and netflix.  

What about yourself are you proud of - and what should we know about you?
I'm really proud of my commitment to learning. I've always been the person who loved school because learning new things really does excite me. Now that I'm done with my master's degree and I don't think more traditional school is on the horizon I've been able to bring that curiosity into other aspects of my life. Whether that is learning through travel (which I hope to get back to in a safe way once more of the world has access to vaccines) or picking up a new book -- I really am proud of my commitment to keep learning. 

I think because I really believe in a commitment to learning -- I'm a really big believer in the idea that you can appreciate where you are while you're still working on where you want to go. I don't think a lot of the conversations that we have, especially the deep and soulful ones, have an ending point. I think they are conversations that we are brave enough to begin and let influence us and change us and make us grow and then we keep having them — over and over again each time taking new things away because we ourselves are different each time too. 
What led you to say "yes" to being a GGH Brand Ambassador?
I really believe in the kinds of conversations that the GGH decks allow you to have. They are deep and soul-filled conversations and flexible enough to have them both by yourself and in community with others. Saying yes was pretty easy for me because of that. 
What's your favorite way to use the Card Decks?
My favorite deck to use is actually the Money Deck. I have incorporated it into a monthly routine as I've re-evaluated my relationship to money and possessions. I love that it gives me a guiding prompt which I can use to journal and oftentimes in a way I would have never thought to ask myself. 
What are you most excited to create through GGH?
I'm really excited about creating intentional spaces where I can help facilitate conversations for communities of courageous women who are willing to embrace discomfort + vulnerability to leave feeling enriched, empowered, and enlightened. I can't wait for all of the topics that we will cover and to be in community with all those who join in.

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Pronouns: She/Hers