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Sophia Cardillo | Girls Gone Happy Brand Ambassador

     Motherhood Deck

What fills your days?

My days are mostly filled by my almost 18 month old daughter, the tedious tasks that must be done to keep her thriving and the life giving moments like nuzzling with laughter and everything in between. I hope to start my day before she wakes, with gentle movement/yoga, reading and meditation. Sprinkled throughout my day is an hour or two to work on developing workshops and setting up my doula practice. It is important to me to carve out time to do activities that give me life like sewing/quilting, reading mom literature (an integrated memoir with researched eye opening information is the ideal) or listening to a podcast (while I push my daughter in the stroller.) 


What are some things about yourself that you're proud of and that we should know about you?

I am proud to serve women as a Birth/Labor Doula (including Postpartum Support) and creating embodiment workshops for women to connect with each other and themselves. 

I am proud of the transformation I went through by becoming a mother, both the new reservoirs of strength I found and the pain that carved my path of growth. I am grateful to myself for going to Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy for four and a half months, and seeking counselling when my anxiety and grief peaked during this last year. These experiences and more continue to shape me into the person I am, more resilient, empathetic, and grounded. 


I have dug up roots and replanted roots countless times. I grew up living in Kampala, Uganda for 11 years and Kigali, Rwanda for 6. Since being married four years ago, we have moved three times. I am thankful for the world view I developed and diverse communities I have been welcomed into.

I have a love for learning and creative problem solving. In college, I chose to study Urban Studies, because it was a flexible major that enabled me to participate in theater and community art while also getting a robust background in anthropology, sociology and polisci. A lot of my work in university and today continues to involve applying theater and art making to create authentic community and safe spaces. 


What led you to say "yes" to being a GGH Brand Ambassador?

The community and support that Justinecreates through her Card Decksand the Brand Ambassadors lead me to say YES. I am so grateful to be joining this group of healers, activists, and place makers! It is easy to feel isolated when starting something, but with GGH I feel like I am apart of a larger movement of women caring for themselves and each other.   


What's your favorite way to use the GGH cards?

In small groups: I remember four months after having my daughter, visiting Justine’s mom groupat Mama Wellness joint, and for the first time (after visiting a couple other mom support groups) feeling like I could cut through all the small talk (breasts and sleep schedules) and dig in to what was really going on for me. I articulated to others how I was learning to embrace my new body and how I was reconciling with my daughters needs to be carried in the sling almost all of the time without comparing myself to other moms whose babies napped in their bassinets. The cardsare a beautiful way forsmall groups to break patterns of conversation around issues and get to the heart of what participants desire to explore.


What are you most excited about in terms of using the cards in groups?

I am most excited for how the cardscan be integrated into the storytelling, somatic and healing workshops I am already doing! The cards can bring up questions that helps us to uncover the narratives we tell about ourselves and our bodies. They can also prompt us to embody new narratives.  

In a time and culture, where all too often groups of women lead to comparison and judgment, I am excited for how Girls Gone Happy groupscan build empathy, understanding, and connections between ourselves and others.

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Pronouns: She/Her