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You Need: Acknowledgment

A Description of You

There are two ways the nurturer in you shows up - through the head, and through the heart.

When you caretake through your head, you make the world around you tidier, more functional, and easier for those around you. You clean up messes, organize chaos, create consistency, and hold the feelings, needs, outbursts, and belongings of those with whom you live, work, exist.

When you nurture through your heart, you provide a soft place to land, you heal, you understand, you listen, you love. Neither one is better than the other. Both are needed. Both are valuable. Both are underappreciated. Both ask a lot of you. Both are a part of you. Both, quietly, desire to be acknowledged.

When we acknowledge the ways we nurture those around us, it grounds us more deeply in ourselves. It teaches us how we are uniquely built to heal the world around us.

Take time to notice and honor the ways you show up that make an impact, the ways others are positively impacted by your presence and efforts, the ways you have matured, the ways you lead, everyday. Noticing all you do is the first step in mitigating the frantic rush of feeling there is still so much left to be done.

What You Need to Focus On Right Now

Feel pride in these parts of yourself. By acknowledging them, you will begin to learn more about the unique ways you are built to make a difference.

You will learn what gifts you have to offer, and you will begin to think more about how you can draw upon these talents when things get tough in the future.

Soon, you will begin to see yourself differently - as someone with tremendous worth, with talents that are needed. You will feel more calm and confidence, understanding how many skills and tools you already have at your disposal.

You will see more clearly how much you have already weathered and figured out- and here you are, still standing.

Your Suggested Tools

The Enneagram is a powerful personality assessment tool, and this free test gives you a lengthy and useful description of which of the nine "types" is your dominant one.

Knowing your Enneagram type can give you some powerful insight into your habits, your strengths, your areas to improve, and also the ways that you relate to other people. Since your assignment here is to acknowledge and get to know the part of you that nurtures and caretakes, this schema for understanding personalities will help you to more clearly see who you are, and the ways you support people in your world.

(I took it a few months ago and it was a game changer for me! I'm a type 4... once you find out what that means, the whole spirit of Girls Gone Happy will make even more sense! :) When you find out your type, send me a note and let me know yours!).

Friendships - the Truest Mirrors

One of the reasons we say that friendships are an unsung hero in the quest for self knowledge and social justice is that friends often know and see us better than we can understand ourselves.

This is crucial information for becoming a better person - both for our own happiness, and for the collective good. Friendships are so powerful! As you are on this mission to acknowledge the parts of yourself that nurture, call upon friends to help you see the many ways you show up as a caretaker.

Share the results of this quiz with them and ask them to provide feedback around the unique ways you help others feel loved and cared for. I guarantee they will feel flattered and honored that you've turned to them for insight and guidance.

If you're feeling a little disconnected from your buds at the moment, that's OK! We have a free list of 10 ways to connect easily and creatively with friends right now - head over here and skip to #7.

Motherhood Deck

The Motherhood Deck is used by parents and nonparents alike. How? Becuase it's not just about being a mom - it's a tool that helps you to get to know the part of yourself that mothers.

We have tons of folks in our community who use it to help connect with their inner child, or to deepen their understanding of how they nurture their partners, friends, family, coworkers - and what kind of support and nurturing they, in turn, need too.

The Question Cards in here will definitely guide you through acknowledging all the powerful ways you are a caretaker and essential person in the lives of those around you.

Use one card each day as a journal prompt, or use them with one of the friends you reached out to above, to spark conversations about caretaking and how the "mother" in you is showing up.

Get the Motherhood Deck