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You Need: New Belief(s)

A Description of You

Instability. Scarcity. Limitation. You have lived with these long enough. You are here because you are ready to do the healing work necessary to move into your next chapter - a chapter where these things are in the past. You are ready to create stability. You are ready to trust that your needs will be met, your desires are not overblown or unrealistic, and that you have the means to fulfill them.

You are tired of playing small. You have been doing the work, your intentions are good - but now it is time to take some big steps. Because big changes can't happen if you're still just making tiny tweaks.

Learning to believe in something is no small feat. Sometimes we have to overcome blockages around trusting that we are safe. Sometimes we are asking ourselves to believe in something we have never witnessed or experienced, the shape of which is fuzzy and the details of which are murky. But we still know it's there. We can feel it, like a person who's walked into the room whose presence we can sense - it's there, whether or not we "believe" in it.

This future of yours, this vision of where you want to be, it's already there, whether or not you believe in it. But only by believing in it can you start to draw it closer to you, start wearing it everyday.

What You Need to Focus On Right Now

You need a new set of beliefs - the old ones no longer work for you.

You need to believe that a different scenario is not only very possible, but closer than you think.

You need to believe that it will not be as hard as you worry it will be, because when you're doing what you are meant to be doing, the resistance isn't there.

It's time to examine the beliefs you've been carrying around for years, and say thank you and goodbye to the ones that are holding you back. They served their purpose, and now it's time for them to go. It's time to ask yourself what you really believe, and enact those beliefs in your life right now - not when you've arrived where you want to be, but starting today.

By clearing out the cobwebs in your head, you make it possible for your heart to trust that a new situation might actually work out. By nurturing more trust and faith in your heart, you can relax and be more creative and receptive. When you are more creative and receptive, you take the risks and notice the details that are essential for your circumstances to change.

You are ready to do this. This moment isn't just another time you've gotten frustrated, read some books or tried some new fads, and then gone back to the inevitable.

You are at the cusp of a momentous change. You are ready to do this. Step into it, lovey. See below for three tools we believe will help you to step forward.

Your Suggested Tools

Create a MF'ing Mood Board!

So, I kind of hate affirmations on principle, but I'm going to put that aside just for this moment because in your moment right now, I want you to have all the affirmations you need to move forward.

Specifically, I invite you to curate a board of images, ideas, and words that describe the mentality and place in life you want to be in - not where you are now, but where you are going. In order for you to absorb, embody, and live out your new beliefs, you need to make them tangible.

Especially if you are creating something that nobody in your family or circle has done before, having some visual examples, and phrases that keep you on track, is so important.

My favorite tool for this is Pinterest - and if you don't want to start from scratch, feel free to follow and copy any of our boards. These five are probably going to be exactly what you want to be starting with right now:

Follow People One Step Ahead

Places like Instagram can be saboteurs of dreams if we fill our feeds with people whose lives feel so far away from our own that it makes what they have seem totally unattainable, and like we'll forever be stuck where we are.

If you're following a ton of accounts that make you feel this way, unfollow! It's nothing against the account - it's just not what you need, right now, in your own work.

Instead, find someone who you feel is one step ahead of you - slightly closer to that dreamy aspirational life than you are in this moment, but close enough to your reality that they're still relatable to you.

This has nothing to do with how fabulous they are, or how many followers they have - it just has to do with how YOU feel about your own life (inspired, energized, hopeful) when you interact with their content.

Some of my favorite aspirational-yet-relatable accounts include:

What are your favorite accounts that make you feel genuinely inspired, and fill your cup, without making you feel the teensiest bit inferior?

Let me know!

Money Deck

You know how above we were talking about unearthing all those old stories and beliefs that don't serve you any more? And poking some holes in them? And writing some new beliefs that more closely align to your dreams, your reality, your heart?

Yeah - so the Money Deck is basically designed to do this perfectly, to a tee. It's why it's here. Yes, it's about money - but it's also about waaaay more than that.

The cards in this deck are written to help you get a much clearer sense of what your priorities are right now, what you were taught as a child that you've been carrying around for ages that might not be aligned with who you are today.

These cards are blunt and honest and will hold up a truth mirror to you, to help you see yourself more clearly and take control of your future. But don't worry - they're also worded in a loving, compassionate way, so you'll feel supported the whole time, too.

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