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You Need: Nonjudgmental Support

A Description of You

You are doing the work, friend. That work can be enlightening and freeing, and it can also be heavy and hard. Perhaps you're moving through a situation that causes you pain, but this is one of those life moments where you meet your strength, get to know the power you've wielded all along, and discover your unique style of perseverance and progress.

But I'm not here to prattle on about how strong and amazing you are (which you ARE!), but to shed light on the areas of your head and heart that need love and attention right now.

There is no correct timeline for healing. Growth and learning cannot be rushed; they have their own natural pace of unfurling and developing. Whatever it is you are sorting out right now, whatever it is you are learning, integrating, releasing, and accepting, is doing so at the exact pace it is meant to. These processes can feel isolating, because they are ours and ours alone, as they call upon deep parts of ourselves to step forward, to change, to lead.

We can feel frustrated and lonely during these moments of great change and growth. So, you need to remember that you are not alone, even if nobody can understand exactly what you're going through because it is inside of you, and your work to do. You are loved, and there are folks wanting to support you. You are here to support you, too. You always have been, and you always will be.

What You Need to Focus On Right Now

Right now, focus on doing things that express patience and compassion to yourself. Surround yourself with people who acknowledge the great seismic shifts you're experiencing, and hold boundaries against messages that you're taking too long, feeling too much, or caring too deeply.

Take yourself, and this process, seriously. Give yourself the gift of people and tools in your life who take you and this work seriously, too. Allow yourself to be held, listened to, validated, and understood. Remember that when it is hard for others to do this for you, you can always do it for yourself.

Pop down below to see three tools we recommend that will help you to do this.

And in closing - this work you're doing is the work our collective growth depends upon each of us undertaking, and we are proud of you for doing it!

Suggested Tools for You to Use

Chani Nicholas Astrology

Chani Nicholas is an amazing astrologer whose horoscopes and analyses of the stars are a mixture of poetry, psychological analysis, and powerful calls to action.

Even when you might not feel like you understand what's going on in your healing journey, or that others feel far away right now, Chani's beautiful writing and truly astounding astrological insights seems to always cut straight to the heart of who you are, what you need, and where to go from here.

They just released a book in January 2020, host classes, share free horoscopes and cosmic playlists, and more.

Visit Chani's Website

Positive Online Communities

What part of you yearns for community? How can you start to surround yourself with positive messages and images through who you follow, and connect with, online?

Finding a community of folks who support and see you can be an invaluable element of your healing and growth journey. Do a little research around hashtags that positively relate to the aspect of yourself that is healing right now, and find the people putting out excellent work around this topic.

As examples, three of our favorite accounts on Instagram right now are:

  • @advancedbitches, a therapist who puts out playful and informative videos and posts around healing childhood trauma;
  • @manifoldstudios (pictured to the right), a fat positive boudoir photography collective creating powerful content around body acceptance and education;
  • @sydneyraechin, an intuitive sex guide helping survivors to reclaim their sensuality.

Loss Deck

Our Loss Deck here at Girls Gone Happy is created for moments exactly like the one you're going through right now. Don't let the name fool you - it's for more than moments of loss or grieving.

This Card Deck is a tool that helps you to let go and release situations, people, beliefs, and expectations, even when it's hard or painful to do so. The cards inside are written to meet you where you are - validating the emotions you're feeling, helping you to see your situation from different perspectives, and shining a light on the ways your circumstances are helping you to become your best self, without ever detracting from the intensity of what you may be experiencing.

It's a truly powerful tool to use in your own healing journey on your own, and is also amazing to use with a partner or friend to gently guide deep conversations around loss, release, and growing.

Get the Loss Deck