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Our Founder

Hi! I'm Justine Haemmerli, the founder of Girls Gone Happy. I created GGH after realizing there was a huge need among adults in building both self-friendship, and better friendships with others. But personally too, friendships are central to my life. There have been many times my friendships have saved me.
I lost my father at 16, and my mother at 24, and it was my friends who helped me keep my head above water both times, and retain hope and joy for the future. When I became a mother, it was my circle of friends that helped me navigate this huge transition, feel like my struggles were normal, keep my anxiety at bay, join in my happiness  - five years later, it still is!
I've twice moved to cities where I knew not a single person - first Philly, then Lisbon (hello culture shock!) and both times I've been intentional and very focused in how to build a loving group of friends that is diverse, genuine, and full of kindred spirits - while also nurturing my faraway friendships. Being able to create a community for myself, my children, and my partner has been essential in feeling grounded, loved, safe, and happy during these big changes and new life chapters.
My friendships bring unique things into my life that my other cherished relationships - with my family, husband, children - don't bring. My life would be flatter, harder, smaller without my friends. They help me to see the best in myself when I can't; they help me to remember I am supported when I feel alone; they teach me by sharing their experiences with honesty and depth; they bring me happiness, comfort, adventure, and companionship.
I am passionate about helping others find their people, those kindred spirits with whom they will walk through life side by side, because I truly believe friendships are essential to our happiness, and to our collectively fixing the brokenness in the world around us. Without friendship, true change will not happen.Learning how to be a better friend to yourself is something we rarely discuss and are never taught, and it's essential to nourishing the one relationship in your life that will always, always be there. 
I look forward to learning more about you, your needs and desires around friendship, and hearing if there are ways we can be friends or even partner on a project you have cooking! My inbox is always open and I'd love to hear from you.