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Be a better friend to yourself.

Connect deeply with others.

Get Unstuck
Reconnect with Yourself
Support for Big Transitions
Get Honest and Heal

Connect with Yourself

Being a better friend to yourself will bring peace and clarity to your everyday life.

Talk and listen to yourself the way a best friend would by using our Card Decks - simply pull a Question Card, or a Topic/Question pair, and let them guide you to see your life in new ways.

Connect with Each Other

Our Card Decks are more than conversation starters or deep talk cards - they actually help you to listen better to each other, deepen your relationship, and build friendships with new folks without any awkwardness. Create intimacy, connection, and reciprocity in your relationships.

How do our Card Decks Work?

All of our Card Decks contain Question Cards, and Topic Cards. You can combine them however you like, but here are four suggestions - on your own, with a friend, and with a group:

  • Think of something going on in your life where you'd like clarity. Pull a Question Card and allow the prompt to show you a new way to understand your issue (promise, you will ALWAYS be surprised by the Question that finds you!)

  • Pull a Topic and Question pair - let the Question guide you to think about the area of your life mentioned on the Topic Card in a new way. You can build on this by pulling a Question Card each morning to help you continue to examine this area of life in fresh ways throughout the week.

  • Pull one Topic Card with a partner, and each pull a Question Card. Each person can share how your Question relates to the area of life mentioned on the Topic Card. Allow the conversation to take you where it needs to!

  • Pull one Topic Card for a group, and have everyone pull their own Question Card. Each person shares what their Question means, in relation to the Topic, in their own life. Allow the conversation to unfold naturally.

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