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Latasha Thomas | Girls Gone Happy Brand Ambassador

     Motherhood Deck 

What fills your days?

I try to devote time to myself in the morning in silence to be mindful.  I will pray and journal some thoughts, rare musings and words of gratitude before the house is up.  

In between the kids at school, therapies, girls scouts, ballet and modern, I hit the gym and cross fit.  It’s my ‘me time’! On my rest day (what’s that?!) I enjoy yoga to slow down and appreciate my body. Upon my return home, I make a cup of tea or coffee, relax and read as I prepare for the rest of my day on the go.

Lastly, my day always ends being filled with adventure, some fusses, laughs, good food, plenty of giggles, tons of kisses and many messes!  I wouldn’t trade it for the world!


What are some things about yourself that you're proud of and that we should know about you?

Moving back CONUS from Guam, I now have time on my hands since I chose not to return to work in order to support my husband who is active duty Air Force and deploys 6 months at time and being flexible for my children.  I have a child who loves and sees the world differently and it opened my eyes and changed my life. Being a military spouse for over 11 years now has given me great opportunities in traveling across the globe, exploring new countries with our children, and truly appreciating the smaller things in life.  Plus, having the opportunity to work abroad warmed my heart and allowed me to connect with myself and my family.

By nature I am an athlete, I competed in college in track and field.  I turned a thing I love into a tool to share and connect with other women as being a certified fitness trainer, and holistic enthusiast and coach.  I live for the gym! Throughout my days I realized the need for mindfulness, wellness and fitness, so I connect with other women to share the wealth.  Honestly, I couldn’t turn up to be the best version of myself, mom and wife without having the balance of mind and body! I just love to see others smile and love themselves, as well as just connecting with like minded women and good food.

What led you to say "yes" to being a GGH Brand Ambassador?

Lattes & Ladies led by Brandi Aulston.  The afterglow that never went away from my first encounter with the GGH decks is what led me to say “yes!”.  Honestly, it was right on time for me.

I had the pleasure of embracing and tackling 3 decks at a workshop that lit a fire in my soul!  It has been quite some time since I had to dig deeper in my thoughts, ponder on a question and how it related to my intentions, and basque in the moment that I wasn’t alone with my struggles or thoughts.  

I had to have GGH in my own life to share with others!  I want everyone I encounter and love to feel those, “Ah ha…” moments, “Ohhh noo...” this is just what I needed, and “Really, like, how did I end up with this card?”  Like all the feels.  


What's your favorite way to use the GGH cards?

I enjoy using the cards to open my mind to a thought in my writing moment, giving me more direction, more insight. 

I also intend on incorporating the decks during my cooldowns with my clients after fitness sessions.  The ultimate cool down of the body, while connecting with the mind and heart about the progress is essential to achieving fitness goals.


What are you most excited about in terms of using the cards in groups?

I am most excited about creating a community, a safe place for moms to share, listen, laugh, be inspired and gain clarity in whatever is desired.  I want to spark genuine connections, ladyships and friendships along the way, the feeling of never feeling alone, and growing together.


As for my fitness clients, I am so excited to facilitate their discovery in adjusting their mindset to stay positive throughout their fitness journey by answering their own questions, and seeing things from a different perspective.  What you tell your mind is ultimately what you will achieve.


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Pronouns: She/Her