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Iris Mendez | Girls Gone Happy Brand Ambassador


What should we know about you?
I am a breath, body, and energy coach! I help women practice mindfulness, yoga, and co-facilitate healing through energy work and coaching! I love to spread awareness on self-love practices, alternative healing methods, mental health, and sexual health! 
What led you to say "yes" to being a GGH Brand Ambassador?
I have been using GGH cards for 1 year and it has been truly amazing in helping as part of my own self-inquiry. GGH has also been a great tool for my clients. I often pull cards for my yoga clients and my reiki clients. 
It's very profound to see how the cards resonate for my clients as well as myself. GGH cards has helped me to dig deep into the questions for answers that are truly found within. 
What's your favorite way to use the cards? 
My favorite way to use them is to post a session with a client. It makes for great homework and it's always soo mind-blowing to see how the cards that are picked resonate with exactly what my client needed to leave with for some deeper self-connection, self-inquiry, and self-development. 
How, in your opinion, do the cards help to create our nourish strong friendships?
I found the GGH cards in a community healing workshop, the connections I made just one year ago from this first event has manifested into life-long friendships. I think this is because the cards allow us to dig deep within ourselves and within the community while also coming from a place of authenticity and vulnerability which allows the foundation for true friendships to be formed and nourished. 

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Pronouns: She/Her