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Get Deep with Friends, and Clear with Yourself.

Do you love deep discussions?

Crave that electric buzz of amazing conversation?

Tired of buying a million journals and planners - yet still looking for something that will help you change your own life?

Friend, meet your perfect match - our Card Decks!

Our Card Decks guide you straight into juicy, real talk - no fluff, no superficial ice breakers.

You'll be shocked at how the cards always give you a direct line to exactly what you need to hear, right now.

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"Get You Thinking Differently"

These cards have really great questions that get you thinking outside of the way you normally think. Great conversation starters. I would definitely recommend these cards for anyone. Especially if you are having a hard time finding a resolution to an issue, or just are in a rut with your partner.

- Felicia Patterson, Maple Shade NJ

"For Moms Who Still Want Their Own Identity!"

Such a cute, and wonderful gift for a Mother that still wants to feel like a human being with her own identity! Close friend is having a rough time, so I bought her these as a sort of prompt for her to answer the questions in a journal and take some time for herself. She adores it and has had them for about a month now. Couldn't be happier! :)

- Sarah Wallace, St. Cloud MN

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Are You Ready To . . .

  • Uncover truths about why you think, feel, and act the way you do - so that you can be more in control of the decisions you make moving forward

"Meaningful Conversations During Hard Times"

I ordered the
Motherhood Deck because it has felt harder than ever to have meaningful conversations with friends when so much of our time together is now through online platforms. These questions are allowing me and my friends to have more in-depth conversations and make stronger connections even when we can’t be physically together.

- Dyllan Lansbry, Santa Fe NM

How Our Card Decks Work

  • All of our Card Decks contain Question and Topic Cards. You can think about an issue you're dealing with in your life and pull a Question Card to help you think about it from a new perspective. Or, you can pair a Question and Topic together, to give you guidance around an area of life to focus on, and a question to help you explore it.

  • Use them on your own, and the surprising combinations of cards will teach you to see your life - and yourself! - from totally new perspectives that inspire change.

  • Use them with a partner or a group and skip the small talk. Have incredible conversations immediately, make authentic connections with new friends, and deepen your relationships with folks you've known for years.

Check out the video below where we do a card draw from the
Clarity Deck - we choose a card for you, so you can experience ourCard Decks for yourself! Ready? Think of something you'd like clarity around, then open the video to be guided to some new insights!

"Absolutely Love"

I absolutely love myLoss Deck. The cards are beautiful and made with such care. The Guide booklet was so thoughtfully written. After receiving mine, I bought a deck for my sister and aunt. I would absolutely recommend these to anyone looking for an outlet to process.

- Jenna Brantley, Austin TX

What Makes Our Decks Different?

  • Our Card Decks can be used in a group or with a partner, just like other decks such as Our Moments, The Skin Deep, or Holstee. What's different about ours, though, is that they're equally powerful when you use them on your own, by drawing you in to really deep discussion with 𝘺𝘰𝘢𝘳𝘴𝘦𝘭𝘧.⁣

  • Our Card Decks can be used intuitively like an oracle deck, but there is no religious or spiritual content in the cards, beyond what you bring to your experience of them.⁣

Which Deck is Perfect for Your Life Right Now?


"Helped Me Figure Out My Why"

I bought
The Money Deck to help to better understand my relationship with money. The prompts were very thoughtful, made me go deep, and helped me figure out why I make certain decisions about money. I plan to give these cards as gifts to family and friends who are on a similar journey!

- Alex Morgoff, Los Angeles CA

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