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I love the idea of setting goals, making big moves, and starting a bright new life chapter. But I found that most products out there focus on templates, to-do lists, timelines, and little phrases meant to inspire you to "be more productive." As a career coach, I had so many women coming to me with beautiful purpose planners full of highlighted lists of things they weren't doing. They had followed all the steps, but weren't moving forward - and felt even worse than before they set the damn goals. Sound familiar?


I quickly saw it was because they were planning for things they didn't really want, and setting the goals they felt they should accomplish, rather than those that really aligned with their values and vision. And I realized it was because they rushed straight into goal setting, without spending any time or getting support in exploring the "why" behind their goals!


So, I got to work creating the Clarity Deck! This little baby will ask you deep, provocative questions that give you specific, actionable ways to reflect on your deepest values, desires, needs, and dreams, so that when you sit down with your beautiful planner to map out your calendar and set your goals, you know you're really pointing yourself in the direction of things you love, want, and care about.


Come take a look at what this deck has to offer - and if you'd like help picking the right deck for you, or have any questions, don't hesitate to be in touch! We love hearing from you.




Girls Gone Happy Founder