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Friendship Makeover

You Need: Friendship Makeover

A Description of You

Sometimes, when we are on a quest to discover deeper meaning, connect with our true purpose, and align with our highest self, making plans can seem like the small stuff of earth while our heads are in the heavens.

But plans help us to take actions in the real world that move us closer to our purpose, and get us out of the mud. Plans don't need to be all head and no heart. Plans don't have to be a band-aid.

Right now, you're going in circles. You have opened yourself to guidance and messages, but you aren't moving at all. You are practicing receptivity, but also have an itchiness to move from this spot.

Don't give up on the listening and learning work you're, doing - but now it's time to make a plan.

What You Need to Focus On Right Now

Give yourself a date when you will leave the job - even if the next step is unclear. Admit to yourself that you know what the answer to your big question is, and create a plan for working through the resistance, rather than asking the question again and again.

Commit yourself to feeling better and shift to see that the discomfort you're feeling is not a part of you, but is a result of a part of you being stifled, squished, or silenced - and create a plan for relieving that discomfort, rather than living with it, or even deeply investigating it, further.

Now is the time for organizing, gathering your energy, and preparing yourself to take thoughtful action. You have everything you need - look below to see three tools we recommend to help you bring it all to the surface.

Your Suggested Tools

Balance Bound Planner

We love this planner because it helps you - well, create balance, as the name says! With space for self, work, home, and others, it makes creating plans feel a bit less drill sergeant, and a bit more best friend.

We appreciate the holistic approach Balance Bound Planner takes to helping us create plans that account for the many different things we do, and the various hats we wear in life. Keep your plans realistic and balanced with a tool like this.

Explore Balance Bound Planner

Accountability Communities

Whether your plan is a ball of dough, baking in the oven, cooling on the counter - or still just a recipe you're scribbling on a piece of paper, not even having cracked an egg - find folks who can help you get from idea to completion! Maybe these are folks in your life with whom you can share your ideas, get feedback, and be lovingly kept on track.

Or, find a virtual community that helps you to keep your eye on the prize. You can do this one of two ways - find an actual group to join, or find someone doing a large #challenge style accountability project that you can hop in on, without having to be a part of any program.

Here are two examples I love:
  • Wellstruck is a community for entrepreneurs that provides actual accountability groups for folks in different stages of business, based on their expertise and needs. I've attended some of her virtual round-tables and they're excellent!

  • Mattie James is an amazing Instagram influencer who is generous with her knowledge, impeccable with her content, and created a fabulous #consistencychallenge that got thousands of folks to get into the necessary habit of posting content daily. I really enjoy her feed!

Clarity Deck

So, real talk - if I could have put the Clarity Deck on this list three times, I would have because I am ALL jazzed up thinking about how many aha moments you will have with these cards!

It is getting me fired up, friend! Honestly, there is no tool better suited to helping you bring two things together: spiritual openness and inquisitiveness, and a desire for focus and planning. There are other oracle decks and cards that help you do one or the other, but these cards, my friends, are the sweet center at the Venn diagram of actionable/practical and thoughtful/heady.

The questions and topics inside will both ground and direct you, while also helping you to explore your life in new creative ways. If you're looking for something that will provide you guidance without being overly prescriptive, this is IT. Get ready to be astounded by the wisdom you hold around your own life, and how to get where you want to go.

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