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If you are interested in creating a custom Card Deck for your company or event, please contact usto discuss your project.

Great question! Our Group Kit has 13 different activities planned out for you to do with a group, as well as other materials to make it super easy to run a group conversation.

Our Brand Ambassadorshost lots of different style groups that use our Card Decks- from group hikes, to virtual group styling sessions, to artist's circles and more! So you can also check out their offerings to experience our Card Decks in a group setting for yourself.

You can also check out this blog post that outlines a few different ways to host virtual groups with our cards, as well as in-person gatherings.

The simplest way to use the cards in a group is to divide folks into clusters of 3-4 people, have each cluster pull a Topic and Question card, discuss, then come back together as a full group to share what came up for you.

If you'd like many more specific ideas, check out the Group Kit!

Great question! Our Card Decks are really, really powerful to use with a partner to open up deep and important discussions.

Our Partner Guide has six different activities planned out for you to do with a partner, as well as some warm-up activities and quick tips in case you feel stuck, awkward, or need troubleshooting.

You can also check out this blog post that outlines a few different ways to use our cards with a partner. 

Two simple ways to use our cards with a partner are:

a) Pull one Topic Card + one Question Card and discuss what comes up for each of you around this combination

b) Choose something going on in your life, each pull a Question Card, and discuss how this question relates to the issue in your lives. 

If you'd like many more specific ideas and guidance, check out the Partner Guide for sure!

Yes! Here are the shops where our Card Decks are currently carried:

- NESTING HOUSE Philadelphia, PA 


- MYRETREAT CENTER East Rochester, NY 




- TESORO Philadelphia, PA
- HOMEGROWN YOGA Rushsylvania, OH 

- MARSH + MANE Philadelphia, PA 
- SOUL SHINE Mountain Top, PA 
- ADONIA Panama City, FL 

Our Card Decksare often used by, and given as gifts to and from people who are non-binary, gender fluid, or identify as men. The Card Decks can be used effectively by anyone who wishes to use them. We use a trans-inclusive definition of women and also welcome non-binary people into our community. At the same time, we understand that the gendered name of our company, and some language in/titles of our Card Decks might exclude some of our nonbinary friends.

We are proactively taking the following steps in 2020 to rectify this:

We have edited all our Card Decks to have gender-neutral language in the cards, booklets, and box copy. These new versions will be available when we next print our Card Decks. We are assembling a working group to help us understand how to still clearly hold space for our beloved community, while also making it clear that this community welcomes and includes trans, queer, and gender non-conforming people.We have surveyed our customers and community around ways we have been exclusionary and how we can be more inclusive. We are currently exploring the creation of a new gender-neutral brand name. While this takes some time, we are actively pursuing this option for the near future.

Whether or not someone feels comfortable using any product is a personal decision. We can share that the Clarity Deckhas 1/49 cards in the deck that use "she/girl". The Loss Deckhas no gendered language in any card. The Money Deck deck has 1/47 cards that uses the word "girl." The Motherhood Deck has 8/53cards that use the noun or verb "Motherhood/ to Mother." There is gendered language in the salutation of all the guide booklets ("hey lady"). 

If this is a concern of yours, we are happy to share with you the full content of any deck and answer any questions before you make your purchase.

We receive many questions about whether this deck is appropriate for folks TTC. While this must be up to individual discretion, we can clarify that of the 30 Question Cards, 6 make reference to “a baby” or “a child,” but in terms of what your dreams and hopes are for them - not presupposing they’re already earthside.

We are happy to walk you through the content of this deck and answer any questions you may have before purchasing - just send us an email, we’d love to hear from you.

For folks who are processing the loss of a pregnancy or child, we would gently suggest purchasing the Loss Deck.


We sure do! We ship from Philadelphia, PA domestically and internationally.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are able to ship orders 1-2x weekly. Under normal circumstances our orders were shipped within 1-3 days, whereas now it is more like 1-6 days, depending on when the order is placed. International shipping rates and delivery times are subject to carrier pricing and services.

We sure do! If you're interested in a bulk order for an event, group, or store, please contact us.

We accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Venmo.

Shipping costs are automatically calculated at checkout based on weight and location. We do offer free shipping in the USA on all orders over $45!

Absolutely! Our Card Decks make amazing gifts. Well done, you!

At checkout, you can specify your gift message. We hand-write all cards and folks really love them. :)

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