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Elizabeth Schlax | Girls Gone Happy Brand Ambassador

Elizabeth Schlax     Motherhood Deck 


What led you to say "yes" to being a GGH Brand Ambassador?

I became a GGH Brand Ambassador, first and foremost, because I use the product! I used the Motherhood Deckevery single day during my maternity leave to help me journal and reflect during the newborn haze! Over a year later, I have been going through the deck again in small groups with other mothers and noticing how my feelings have shifted with time. I also was already naturally sharing the decks with my friends - everyone got a Motherhood Deck as a baby shower giftlast year!

What's your favorite way to use the GGH cards?

I like to pull a random Topic and Question card. I’m a visual person, so I lay the cards side by side in front of me and read them over a few times, paying attention to the thoughts, reactions and questions that pop up in my brain as I read. Then I jot the topic, question, and those first reactions at the top of a journal page. I sit with that for a few minutes and try to think about the narrative that is emerging. When I think I’ve hit on the beginning of a thread, I start writing.

What are you most excited about in terms of using the cards in groups?

When using the cards in groups, I like to use the Topic cards as a theme to center the discussion around.

Then, I pull a Question card as deep conversation starters. Participants can either respond to that Question, respond to the Topic generally, or pull another Question card. The thing that is most exciting to see is how people react to others’ responses. Two people responding to the same Question can have completely different perspectives, and hearing someone else’s perspective can spark a breakthrough! Or sometimes someone has the exact same reaction as you do, when you thought you might be the only one, all alone with that thought!


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