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Dana Maddox | Girls Gone Happy Brand Ambassador

Dana Maddox Brand Ambassador     Motherhood Deck

What fills your days?

My days a filled with a lot of candle making and planning for my business, a busy toddler who is using the word no to its greatest potential, a preteen screaming at people on Fortnite way past his bed time, a husband who has stepped on beads from my latest crafting project (Again), and all the chaos that comes with not only living with my family of 4 but living in a large communal home with my parents and siblings. It’s not easy but all of these crazy little moments are what fills me. They are the memories that I will cherish forever, the laughs, the tears, the stolen kisses and everything in between.

I quit my job in 2018 to fully dive into my own self care and to pursue all of my passions full time. I launched my own wellness shop I also host cool self care based events for people in under-served communities because everyone deserves to take care of themselves.

What ultimately led me to say yes to being a GGH Brand Ambassadorwas my own experience with another Brand Ambassador Janessa Jackson. Her clarity workshop was so amazing, she also talked about this amazing community and right then I knew it was something I NEEDED to be apart of.

My favorite way to use the GGH cardsis to start each morning with a deck of cards.

Whatever the deck reveals to meI like to take that topic and think about it for the day or a few days depending on how deep it resonates with what I have going on at the time.

What are you most excited about in terms of using the cards in groups?

I’m most excited about the breakthroughs or those “ah ha!” moments in the groups.Sometimes we all need a little guidance and the decks really help build those loose connections we sometimes have sitting in our minds. I love the sisterhood the decks bring out. You don’t have to be close friends but there’s something so freeing about the decksyou find yourself sharing with complete strangers.


Pronouns: She/Her