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Brandi Aulston | Girls Gone Happy Brand Ambassador

     Clarity Deck

Before I finished graduate school I decided that I wanted to create something on my own outside of the corporate job setting. I received a double master's degree in Health Administration and Health Education as well as a bachelor's degree in Biology with a minor in Public Health. In between, I became a fitness instructor where I taught Zumba and group fitness classes for gyms and community centers. As you can see, I am truly passionate about overall health and wellness.


Two years ago I visited Colorado for the first time. I fell in love with the crisp air and the scenery surrounding me. During that trip, I went on my first hike with friends. The 3.5 hour hike had its challenges, from the steep climbs, icy trails, and thin air. However, I felt amazing afterwards (and I'm not just talking about the endless bowls of Hot Pot afterwards). When you experience walking of any sort, you feel clarity and a release. I was inspired to start hiking when I came back to Philly. However, I never made it a priority because its easy to get lost in the 9-5 hustle and endless papers in grad school.


One day the idea just came to me...and I thought, it would be so amazing to get women together to hike for their physical and mental health while creating a community where they feel free to share whatever is on their minds or bogging them down. So I just did it... I finally put it out there and received so many positive responses. In April, I held my first group hike on Wissahickon Trail's Forbidden Drive.


What led you to say "yes" to being a GGH Brand Ambassador?

First off, I had been following the GGH Instagram pagefor some time and I thought this is so decent...I would love to be one of these beautiful and fearless ladies that flood their feed. Our hikes start off with a warm up and intention setting. We then hike to our halfway mark and have a "Mindfulness Break." During the break I read a passage that then forms a discussion amongst the women. After, checking out their website it just clicked! I can be a part of something that builds women up while creating a village of togetherness. When Justine explained how much freedom I have to be creative and make the Card Decks work for my own group, I knew this was the beginning of something amazing.


What's your favorite way to use the GGH cards?

I look forward to incorporating the card decks within our group hikes. We will incorporate the card decks during our "Mindfulness Breaks". Additionally, we have guest speakers that join our hikes and share valuable messages to the women in our group during these mindfulness breaks. I believe these card deckswill assist in facilitating conversations and developing lasting bondsbetween the women involved.


What are you most excited about in terms of using the cards in groups?

I want to create a space where I can build a strong community of women who want to prioritize their self care while meeting other like minded women. I can clearly see these cards being used in future hikes and events to connect women together in a powerful and healing way.

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Pronouns: She/Hers