Using our card decks:

Girls Gone Happy cards are designed to be equally powerful whether you use them on your own, or in a group. While the questions are complex and deep, as a tool they're incredibly versatile and simple, and there's really no wrong way to use them. To help you get the most out of your Deck, here are some simple suggestions for ways to engage with your cards.

The easiest, quickest way to use your deck is to think of something that's been on your mind recently, and pull a question card. Think of a problem, situation,.or issue that relates to the overall topic of the deck you're using. Once you have your card, think about how this Question relates to your issue, and open yourself to new insights it can offer you as you approach it from a fresh perspective. 

If you are using the cards by yourself, it's useful to write down your insights as soon as you pull your card. Often, setting a timer and giving yourself 3 minutes to write down whatever comes to mind can be a great way to I bypass your overthinking everyday mind, and get to the real heart of what these cards are here to show you.

Another favorite way to begin is to pull a Question and a Topic card, and think through what meaning the connection between these two holds for you. 

If you're using the cards in a group, you can have each lady pull a Question and a Topic, and simply speak through what the connection means to her and allow the conversation to go from there, and when it finds a natural place of pause move on to the next woman who can share. In groups where folks don't know each other or where this kind of discussion might feel intense at first, it can be great to start off by splitting into smaller groups of three to five women and have each small group pull a Topic card. Have women talk about their relationship to this topic/what is going on in that part of their life right now, as a way of getting to know one another before diving in to deeper discussion. You can also have these small groups pull a common topic and then havr each member of the small group pull her own question, and share how the question card that she pulled relates to the mini group topic. Then you can have everyone come back together as a full group and share the juiciest parts of your side conversations and allow the discussion to go from there.

Sometimes you'll find your Question and Topic don't seem to have anything to do with each other, and your impulse might be to draw again or simply decide that this doesn't work for you. I'd encourage you to sit with this pairing, and give a little time for an insight or connection to come to you. Working one-on-one and in groups I found that often the pairings that seem to meet the least sense at first glance are the ones that yield the most interesting insights when we just give them a little bit of room to breathe and ourselves a little bit of time to reflect and think. Remember, there's no right way to respond to the cards so whatever it is that comes to you as an insider connection as you ponder the relationship between the car to be true is what you're meant to pay attention to and reflect on.