MAY’S monthly reflection


Week One

What is stressing you out about money this week? Write it down. (It doesn’t have to be an expense coming up these week, but simply what is currently on your mind and feeling heavy, regarding money.) Pull a Question and a Topic Card. How do these point to the fear or belief that is actually at the heart of your specific stress? What do they help you see is the true thing you’re worrying about? Write down your insights. Pull a Question or Topic Card each morning this week, and use what comes up to help you think about and relate to this worry or belief differently. Before bed each evening, write down any insights, questions, feelings or thoughts that popped into your head throughout the day. On Sunday, use these notes to decide how you want to approach things more intentionally, and with a clear head and heart, next week. Write down a commitment for the week ahead on Sunday evening.

Week Two

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of this week, pull a Question Card, and write down how it relates to your commitment for this week. On Tuesday and Thursday pull a Topic Card, and write down how this area of your life relates to the commitment you’re focusing on, and the stress you’re resolving which you identified last week. On Sunday, write down your thoughts on what shifts you need to make in order to get closer to feeling less anxious and stressed in the areas you have identified.

week Three

Read through your writing from the past two weeks, and underline or circle any repeated phrases, feelings, images, or ideas you see. What are these patterns telling you about the thoughts and beliefs that relate to your anxieties about money right now? On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, pull a Topic and Question Card. Think about how the combination of these two cards, and the relationship between them, connects to the anxiety you’re working through. What insights do they offer you? Write these down as well.

Week Four

Choose 1-2 new things to change or try in the coming month that will help you to keep moving in the direction you desire. Write down these commitments as well as any tasks you need to accomplish to bring them to life to help you continue working through the beliefs and situations you feel stress around.