MAY’S monthly reflection


Week One

What would help you feel your batteries are recharged this week? Write down three ideas for things that would help you to feel a bit more replenished in a week’s time. Choose one. Create a T Chart on a piece of paper. On the left side, write down anything that has been keeping you from doing this thing for yourself. Now pull three Question Cards. Answer each on the right side, thinking about how this question helps you to resolve those obstacles that have kept you from that which will recharge you. Use this writing to help you move towards giving yourself what you need this week. On Thursday, repeat this exercise, noticing anything that came up this week that stood in your way of giving yourself what you need to feel replenished. Pull a Question Card and write down how this question relates to those obstacles, and what you need to do to move through them.

Week Two

Take out your writing from last week, and revisit your ideas for recharging your batteries, and what might get in the way of doing so. A week later, what worked and what didn’t? Write down your thoughts. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week, pull a Question Card. Write down how you see each question relating to your writing from Monday reflecting on last week, and how these questions offer fresh insights into ways you can more learn from last week’s successes and struggles, and effectively recharge your batteries.

Week Three

Repeat Week One’s activity - choose areas of your life where you’d like to give some TLC, create the t chart, write your thoughts. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, pull Topic Cards and write down how this area of your life relates to the obstacles you see standing in your way of recharging your batteries.

Week Four

Read through all your writing from the past three weeks. Underline any repeated phrases or ideas you see throughout. What are some of the themes around what you need? Around what gets in your way? What are some of the insights you’ve gained around how you can more effectively circumvent these obstacles, and give yourself what you need? Write down one big take-away you can carry with you into June, to help you more easily take care of yourself in the month ahead.