MAY’S monthly reflection


Week One

What is one thing you want to feel, or be different a month from now? Write this down. Pull a Question Card and a Topic Card. On the weekday mornings, write down your thoughts on how this combination can help you shift what needs to change to get you where you want to be in a month’s time.

Week Two

Read through your notes from last week. Underline any patterns you see - whether it’s repeated words and phrases, feelings you see throughout, or general big themes. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, pull a Question Card. Write down how each question relates to the patterns you noticed. By Sunday evening, write a summary for yourself of these themes, to carry into next week.

Week Three

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of this week, pull a Topic Card. On each day, write down how this Topic relates to the themes you extracted last week. How do these areas of your life relate to the things you want to change, and the themes you noticed? How do the three topics you pulled relate to each other, too?

Week Four

Choose 1-2 new things to change or try in the coming month that will help you build upon the insights and reflections you've had over the past month. Write down these commitments as well as any tasks you need to accomplish to bring them to life.