May’S monthly reflection


Week One

What is a question you have about something in your life right now that doesn’t seem to have an answer - or at least, certainly, not a clear one? Write it down. Now, tell yourself that you actually know the answer to this question. You might have resistance to it; it might frighten you; you might not love the answer, but you do know what it is. If you were to put aside all your feelings about this answer, what would it be? Write it down. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, draw a Question Card in the morning. Take 3-5 minutes to write how this question relates tothe answer you wrote down - and any insights or new ideas around it that you reach by pondering this question. On Tuesday and Thursday, draw a Topic card. Take 3-5 minutes to write your reflection on how these topics relate to the area(s) of your life most impacted by the answer you wrote for yourself.  

Week Two

Each morning this week, draw a Question Card. Take 3-5 minutes (or more if you can!) to write down how this Question connects to the answer you named. What does today’s card teach you about this answer, and your relationship to it? How do these questions help you see a path forward through the murkiness and resistance? On Sunday, read through everything you wrote last week, and write a summary for yourself on a fresh piece of paper of your biggest ideas and insights.

Week Three

On Monday, read your summary and look for the lessons it offers around which direction to pursue. Take five minutes on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday to pull a Topic Card, and write down ideas and insights that occur to you regarding the relationship between these areas of your life and what you wrote over the past two weeks.

Week Four

Choose 1-2 new things to change or try in the coming month that will get you closer to moving in the direction of your answer - or, what you have decided you want, based on your reflections this month. Write down these commitments as well as any tasks you need to accomplish to bring them to life.