MARCH’S monthly reflection


Week One

What financial goal do you want to reach by the end of this month? Write it at the top of your paper, and then fold the paper in half. What do you feel is holding you back from reaching this goal? Write this down in one half of your paper. What has helped you reach financial goals in the past? Write this down in the other half. Now pull two Question Cards, and place one next to each half of your paper. Flip them over. How does the question you pulled for what holds you back help you to learn how to move through that obstacle? Write down your thoughts in that half of the paper. How does the question you pulled for what has helped you in the past help you to see what you need to focus on now? Write down your thoughts in that half of the paper.

Week Two

Return to last week’s writing on Wednesday and Saturday; add any new insights you have gained throughout the week. On Sunday, pull two Topic Cards. Write down your thoughts on how these areas of your life could be addressed/what shifts you need to make here in order to get closer to your goals and contend with the obstacles you have identified.

week Three

How are you relating to your month’s financial goal now that we are in the third week of the month? Pull a Question Card on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Write down your immediate responses to them. How do these Questions help you to see with fresh eyes what has been going on for you as you work on this month’s goal over the past few weeks? Write down your insights and ideas each time you draw cards, underneath your writing from Week One.

Week Four

What did, and didn’t work for you this month in relationship to your financial goal? Write these down. Choose 1-2 new things to change or try in the coming month that will help you to keep moving in the direction you desire. Write down these commitments as well as any tasks you need to accomplish to bring them to life.