MARCH’S monthly reflection


Week One

What is an area of your mothering where you feel like you have a lot of questions? What are some of those questions swimming around in your head? On Monday, write them all down on a piece of paper. Pull a question card for each one. Take a photo of each card and the accompanying question you wrote. This week, take five minutes each day - whether it’s lunchtime, when your kid is napping, or your commute to work - to pull up one photo, and reflect on it. If you’re able to, write down your reflections on a piece of paper throughout the week. On Saturday, write a 1-2 sentence answer to each of the questions you started with at the beginning of the week.

Week Two

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of this week, pull a Question Card. Write down how you see each question relating to your writing from last week, and offering fresh insights into ways you can more deeply engage with your month's focus, and move through impediments that arise.

Week Three

Read through your notes from the past two weeks. Underline any patterns you see - whether it’s repeated words and phrases, feelings you see throughout, or general big themes. Write these on a separate piece of paper, to help you come up with some clear commitments next week.

Week Four

Think about how next month, you can use your writing and reflections from this month to address at least one of your big mothering questions in a proactive way in April. Commit to at least one practice, action, or activity to try next month that will help you to do this.