february's monthly reflection


Week One

What is something you want to focus on doing with your child this week - whether it’s a particular activity, listening to them more, holding a boundary with them more, etc.? Write it at the top of a piece of paper, which you’ll return to throughout the week. Each morning this week, pull a Topic card. Reflect on how this area of your life and mothering relates to your focus for this month. Write down your insights and ideas on a fresh piece of paper.

Week Two

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of this week, pull a Question Card. Write down how you see each question relating to your writing from last week, and offering fresh insights into ways you can more deeply engage with your month's focus, and move through impediments that arise.

Week Three

Read through your notes from the past two weeks. Underline any patterns you see - whether it’s repeated words and phrases, feelings you see throughout, or general big themes.

Week Four

Think about how next month, you can use these big ideas and themes to help you follow through on this thing you want to focus on with your child. Commit to at least one practice, action, or activity to try next week that will help you to do this.