february's monthly reflection


Week One

How are you currently feeling about your work? How do these feelings about your professional life relate to your beliefs and feelings around money right now? What would you like to shift in this relationship between financial beliefs and your work life? Write down your answers on a fresh sheet of paper this week.

Weeks Two - Three

Pull a Topic Card and a Question Card on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of these two weeks. How do these Topics and Questions help you to see with fresh eyes what you need to work on in order to make the shifts you desire in the relationship between work, money, and your belief system? Write down your insights and ideas each time you draw cards, underneath your writing from Week One.

Week Four

Choose 1-2 new things to change or try in the coming month that will help you make the shifts you've identified in your relationship between work/money/beliefs. Write down these commitments as well as any tasks you need to accomplish to bring them to life.