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Role: Fulfillment Assistant Position

Girls Gone Happy is seeking a fulfillment assistant to work with us from February through July 2019 (and hopefully longer!) to help us deliver our products to our wonderful customers! This is a flexible, work-from-home job that is perfect for someone looking to supplement their income on your own schedule. As our company grows, there is room for this role to grow as our orders expand and our placement in local shops also increases.

Here’s what the role entails:

  • You will keep inventory at your home or office (this is part of what you will be compensated for, see below).

  • You will have access to our Squarespace shop, so you will receive a notification when a new order comes in. When an order comes in, you will pack the purchased decks with our branded packing materials (which we’ll provide you with as well), and a handwritten note including the customer’s name and specific purchases (we’ll give you a template and branded postcards).

  • At times we receive press requests for packages; in this case, you will receive a note from Girls Gone Happy staff with shipping and package information.

  • Packages need to ship within 24-48 hours of the order being placed. All packages are shipped via USPS.

  • Once the package has been shipped, you’ll put the tracking number into our Squarespace shop so the customer receives a notification. You will also put it in our inventory spreadsheet that tracks the inventory you have at your site.

Time Commitment:

We are a growing company, having just opened in July 2018. As such our orders are steadily growing, but not yet overwhelming. :) When we run a sale, especially for holidays, we can have between 7-10 packages to mail in a week. A typical week, however, will require shipping 1-3 packages. Putting together a package usually takes about 10 minutes, not including time to go to the post office.

What we’re looking for:

We are seeking someone who is responsible, organized, honest, and trustworthy. The timeliness and packaging of our products is essential to our customer service, which is our utmost priority. The ideal candidate will get packages out quickly, packed perfectly, and be timely with inventory and honest with invoicing. You will be given a company credit card to pay for postage and any materials you need to replace. We will also trust you with keeping inventory in your home or office - whatever is convenient for you - to make shipping our packages as simple as possible. We are always excited to meet creative folks who can be thought partners, so being enthusiastic about our company and sharing ideas for improving our work are always a plus!


We are currently offering $15/hour for this position. We will ask that you invoice us weekly to reflect hours spent on your work. There is also a $50/month payment for storing inventory and shipping materials at your location and taking regular inventory.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, please apply below!

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