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Journal Prompt of the Week #2

by Justine Haemmerli August 27, 2018

Hi lady friends!

This week we're going to do a free association journal prompt. I invite you to set a timer for three minutes. The rule is you must keep your pen moving; even if you're not sure what to write, and you just write "I don't know I don't know" over and over again, keep your pen moving. It may feel silly, but that's fine. This is a valuable type of writing practice that helps you break through blocks and free associate more easily.

This week, I ask you read this statement: You're bigger than that.

Start your timer, and write about whatever this statement brings to mind for you. Don't overthink, and don't edit. Just write until the timer goes off.


When you're done, here are some follow-up questions with which to continue.

  • What situation, person, or issue immediately came to mind? What symbolic meaning does this hold for you?
  • Read through your original writing and circle any words or phrases you see repeated multiple times (don't choose words like "with," but more meaningful words that pop out to you). What meaning does this word or phrase hold for you?
  • What is a question raised by what you wrote? Write out this question. Now answer it.


Hope you enjoyed this week's journal prompt - we'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!



Justine, Girls Gone Happy Founder

Justine Haemmerli
Justine Haemmerli

Educator, Consultant, Founder of Girls Gone Happy

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