10 Questions To Plan Great Goals In 2019

10 Questions to Plan Great Goals in 2019 | Girls Gone Happy.png

Hey there! Are you thinking about 2019 already? I know I am, and much as I love reflecting on big questions throughout the year, I can't help but also get swept up in the goal-setting and resolution-making that the impending new year brings.

I wanted to share with you 10 Questions I use to create Great Goals for 2019 - these aren't fluffy phrases and affirmations to stick on my mirror for the first week of January and then completely forget about. They're actionable, and based on thinking hard about what did and didn't work in 2018.

I always find it really powerful to pause during reflection to reread what I've written, and look for patterns. The recurring themes in our thoughts and reflections are like arrows pointing us to what is most important in our lives, but often we don't even realize there is a common thread, or root system, until we write down ideas that seem unrelated and go hunting for patterns and commonalities. Often we get stuck because everything feels overwhelming and uncomfortable and we don't know where to start - when we sit down and look for patterns in our writing and reflections, we realize that there are a few central items to work with, and it gives us a clear, concrete place to start.

I created a printable to help you work through these questions:

Melissa Alam