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About Girls Gone Happy

We created Girls Gone Happy because we believe in women*, and in the power of female friendships. We trust women, and believe they can solve their own problems, get themselves unstuck, and be in deep active collaboration with their own lives when given the permission, the support, and the right guidance. We know that there is magic in lady friendships, and that these relationships are an incredible tool in becoming your best self. We also know that ladies want to connect with each other and are tired of small talk and superficial conversations. We want to get into the juicy stuff, the real stuff, the important stuff - and so our Card Decks give you an invitation to have intimate and meaningful discussions right from the start.

Joining the Team

By being a Brand Ambassador and leading your own Girls Gone Happy groups, you are a part of a powerful movement to create smart, tender, provocative and loving spaces where women can have true “aha” moments about their own lives. Where they can meet sister friends. Where they can feel connected on a deep level that we often don’t get to experience in our daily lives. Where they can relearn how to listen to their inner wisdom, and see how their struggles and questions are shared by other ladies. This work is healing. It’s fun. It’s sweet. It’s necessary. And by being a part of this program, you are helping to make more of these spaces and conversations accessible to women whose lives will be changed by them.

If you’ve been invited to join as a Brand Ambassador, this is because we see in you the potential to support other women in a powerful way. We believe in you and your capacity to design and create spaces for women that will be transformational and meaningful. We appreciate your style, your perspective, and your unique approach to engaging with big life questions. We are excited to learn from you, grow with you, and support you in your own process of becoming your best self.

*if you identify as a lady, you’re one in our books! welcome!

The Program

In creating this Brand Ambassador program, our aim was two-fold. We want to help more women experience the incredibly powerful connections and conversations that comes from using our decks, and we also wanted to create an opportunity for women to grow as facilitators and leaders, have the opportunity to create flexible income for themselves, and gain a new tool for their work gathering and supporting women. This is not an MLM company, and your main purpose is not to sell as many products as possible at any cost (although sales are a lovely side effect of your great work!). As a Brand Ambassador, your role is to embody the ethos of Girls Gone Happy:  owning that you are a thoughtful, introspective woman working to build her best life, and wanting to connect with other women on a deeper level. Your role is to hold space for other women to explore their own big life questions, with the help of our Card Decks. Your role is to create experiences that fit your community, your personality, and your style, with our Card Decks helping you to do your most powerful work. And we hope that the two different payment structures we offer also allow you to create streams of income that support you in building work and practices for yourself that are financially lucrative, as well as personally fulfilling.

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