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At Girls Gone Happy, we believe there is magic in lady friendships. We also believe that the right question can change your life. Therefore, our question-based products are infused with love and thoughtfulness, and help women solve their own problems, connect with their inner wisdom and with each other, and live powerful, intentional lives.* They also help women show up meaningfully for each other.

What We Believe

We believe in the alchemy of female friendships.

We believe that women** are capable of pretty much anything when they have a tank that's full of creativity, stamina, and optimism.

When women’s stores of energy, vision, confidence, and hope are depleted, they are cut off from their innate abilities. Our power is zapped when we feel strange and alone in our fears, insecurities, and dark thoughts. 

The support of other women helps to restore these reserves. Being offered new perspectives on old problems helps to restore these reserves. Laughing and being surprised help to restore these reserves.

And so, Girls Gone Happy seeks to create products that help to connect and support women, because we truly believe we women have the capacity to save and change the world for the better.

And a little note to remind you - these cards are intended to catalyze contemplation and creative thought. They are not a substitute for therapy or mental health treatment. If you are in distress, whether emotional, mental, or otherwise, you should consult with your own licensed health care professionals.

** if you identify as a woman, you're one in our books. Welcome, lady! 

Meet The Founder


Hi! I'm Justine Haemmerli, the lady behind Girls Gone Happy. I am an obsessive question-asker (as you may have noticed), curious, multi-passionate, and very wordy (as you also may have noticed). I'm a mom to my spunky and delightful daughter, a wife to my Kev, and a devoted friend. In everything I do, my connecting thread is a commitment from my deepest heart to help good people do great things, and live more thoughtfully and intentionally.

For ten years I worked in the public and private sector as a teacher, facilitator, coach, writer, and consultant. My work always focused on helping people to unearth the values and priorities that underpinned their decisions at work. I ran Pedalogical, my consulting practice, for five years before focusing on Girls Gone Happy. GGH was originally a group I ran through Pedalogical where 12 ladies came to my house for dinner and a creative workshop on a different topic each month. Ladies made lifelong friends from that group, and it was a really powerful experience. I wanted to find a way to share that with a broader audience, and Girls Gone Happy as you see it today was born!

I truly believe that there is alchemy in female friendships - a magic that heals us, and helps us to become our best, fully realized selves. And I know so many women want to find their sister friends, but struggle to connect deeply and find their ladies as they move through adulthood.

Helping women connect to their own inner wisdom, and to deep intimate friends, is more than just something warm and fuzzy for me. I believe that women have the power to shift the values, tone, and practices of governments, cultures, and economies when our power is let loose. When we are rooted in ourselves and can trust our own inner wisdom, we can do truly transformative things. And there is no more time to waste. We are taught not to trust ourselves, and that is no accident - because when we are secure in listening to ourselves, we are truly forces to be reckoned with.

My vision is that Girls Gone Happy will help to change the world by giving women the tools they need to learn to listen to themselves again, and become those agents of change.