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Girls Gone Happy helps women connect with their inner wisdom, and with each other. We sell Card Decks full of thoughtful questions and life topics, that you can explore on your own or in a group.

You have the answers to your own questions - our products help you to hear & trust yourself, think differently, and take control of your life.

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We offer a wide range of tools to help ladies answer their own big questions, and get unstuck! From digital courses and calendars to our signature Card Decks - MotherhoodClarityLoss, and Money - there is a Girls Gone Happy product perfectly suited for where you are in life, and getting you to where you want to be. Explore our tools and engage in deep personal reflection, powerful group discussions, or give them as beautiful gifts!

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Why Girls Gone Happy?

Our products are different because they don't offer affirmations or advice - they ask you powerful, life-changing questions. By using our products regularly, you’ll get better at trusting your gut. They will help you approach tough situations and big questions with a sense of curiosity, rather than overwhelm. They will also remind you that while your situation is unique, you are not alone.

Build your confidence in your own ability to figure things out - because you are beyond capable. You have the answers to your own questions; you just need support in learning how to hear them.


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