You're a great friend. Let us help you show it.

Sometimes it's hard to know what to say or do when someone you love becomes a mom, goes through a breakup, wants a new job, or feels stuck in life. As a friend, you want to show her you get it, you see her, and you're there for her. But many gifts for best friends and loved ones feel generic, or are a weird mismatch for the occasion. And our fear of saying the wrong thing during a sensitive time can leave us saying nothing at all - at the very moment we most want to show our love and support

We can help. Girls Gone Happy provides the tools your friend needs to approach this moment with clarity and creativity. And most importantly, they'll leave her feeling truly seen and supported by you.

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"The Clarity Deck has been so meaningful and purposeful in acclimating to a new life chapter. I made two of my best friends in the world by using them in a group - and now it's my go-to favorite gift for best friends I make along the way."

Erin M., Philadelphia PA

"Through the Motherhood Deck, I was continuously met with challenging personal questions that pushed me. As a new mom it was nice to do something just for me that also felt empowering."

Marissa P., Cherry Hill NJ

"Using the Clarity Deck helped me explore my desires, reflect on what was and wasn't working for me, and have soulful conversations about Life. It was real, raw, and honest. Most importantly, it was helpful."

Shari G., Mount Airy PA

"These cards are such an amazing tool for digging deeper, building connections with other women, and challenging my world views!"

Karissa P., Philadelphia PA

"Using the Clarity Deck together creates a space of engaging, thoughtful and creative discussion, helping us to think deeper about where we wanted to see ourselves in our personal lives and careers."

Raphaela B., Chester PA

Gifts for thoughtful ladies.

Our Card Decks are the perfect gift for best friends and the ladies you love. Check them out below and choose the ones that match where she is in life.

Motherhood Deck

give mama love

Clarity Deck

get unstuck

Money Deck

Make money moves

Loss Deck

show your love